Post Office saved in Coldharbour

The Mound Post office has been saved after a long campaign by Conservative councillors, residents and other campaigners. The Post Office decided  last week that it was withdrawing the closure proposals and The Mound Post Office, William Barefoot Drive, in Coldharbour was given a reprieve from a round of closures which has seen hundreds of branches closed.

Rent for the post office was frozen for three years after Conservative councillor John HIlls wrote to the council asking them to freeze it. Postmaster Ken Chima was given permission to collect rents and deal with other council finances following the closure of the neighbourhood cash office.

Cllr Hills collected more than 2,500 signatures for a petition calling for the post office to be saved.

He said: "This was a real joint community effort and it's a brilliant result. If we'd lost it, this estate would have been dead as a doornail."