Greenwich needs New York style policing to cut crime

Alistair Craig, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich, this week championed the example of New York in cutting crime. New proposals from the Conservatives, based on successful initiatives in the American city, pledge more police throughout Greenwich, real neighbourhood policing, and responsibility for policing to go the Mayor and Assembly.

Under the proposals:

• London will receive 8,500 additional full time police officers and 1,000 extra special constables. This will include an estimated 108 extra full time officers in Greenwich & Woolwich, 99 in Eltham and 121 in the Erith & Thamesmead Parliamentary Constituency.

• The Metropolitan Police Authority will be scrapped, with its executive powers given to the Mayor and its scrutiny functions to the London Assembly.

• The police will be freed from bureaucracy, paperwork and Whitehall meddling, to allow resources to be allocated to local priorities and neighbourhood policing, as directed by the Mayor.

Alistair said, “Violent crime has soared in London under Mr Blair’s Government and the threat of knives is ever present. The police across Greenwich need to be accountable to local communities who set policing targets to meet local needs. We need to end policing ‘by initiative’ and have a regime that reflects the unique needs of this part of the capital.

“The example of New York, under Rudi Giuliani, shows how crime can be cut in a major city. But we need more police officers, neighbourhood policing and proper accountability. Conservatives will restore respect for the law, respect for others and respect for property. These are values of the forgotten majority of Londoners who have been ignored and neglected during eight years of a Labour Government.”