Action needed for discipline in Greenwich schools

Alistair Craig, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich, this week welcomed the new five-point action plan launched by Conservatives designed to restore discipline to unruly school classrooms in Greenwich. As an illustration of falling standards, in Greenwich & Woolwich truancy has increased by 9% in primary schools, and by 53% in secondary schools since Labour came to power.
Alistair explained, “Too many children in Greenwich don’t get that start in life. Lack of discipline is a real and growing problem in our schools. Children cannot learn in undisciplined classes in schools where teachers are demoralised, undervalued and unable to maintain order. That, however, is the position in too many schools, despite the hard work of teachers.”

Under the five-point action plan:

1. Head teachers will be given the final say over exclusions and appeals panels will be scrapped.

2. Labour’s plans to force all state schools to take their share of undisciplined pupils will be abolished.

3. Head teachers will have an unqualified right to insist on parental agreement to discipline as part of the conditions of entry/attendance for their children.

4. Schools will be given the funds and financial freedom to introduce random drug-testing, CCTV and metal detectors.

5. Teachers will have greater legal protection so that they can enforce discipline without fear of having their lives ruined if a child falsely alleges abuse.

Alistair added, “Labour have had their chance to improve our schools and it hasn’t worked. Money is being thrown at the problem but it’s being wasted on bureaucracy. Conservatives believe that teachers, not politicians, should run our schools. We will cut teachers’ paperwork, restore discipline in schools and give parents the opportunity to choose the best school for their child.”