Shadow Health Secretary visits the Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Last Wednesday, Andrew Lansley MP, the Shadow Secretary of State for Health, visited the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.  Mr Lansley, together with Cllr Spencer Drury, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham, met with the Chief Executive of the hospital to discuss the problems that they are facing.


Our local hospital has cancelled all non-emergency operations until March because it has failed to meet Government imposed targets on accident and emergency admissions. This could lead to people who are suffering terrible pain and who have already waited months for serious operations being forced to wait for at least another 6 or 7 weeks because of a limit dreamt up by some Minister in Whitehall who knows nothing about what actually goes on in our hospitals.


Alistair Craig, Conservative Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich, was also concerned.  He said, "I regret that the hospital has had to take this action, but I understand why they felt like they had no choice.  But this means a bad deal for patients, who are being let down by Labour.  


"The next Conservative Government will take power out of the hands of Ministers and bureaucrats, and give it back to doctors to decide who to treat on the basis of clinicial need, and to patients to decide where and when they want to be treated.  Only then can some sense be brought back into our local health service."