Eltham North by-election: Preserving Local Facilities

"Conservatives believe in preserving our local facilities for the use of the whole community.  The Labour Council's shameful record of neglect has seen Eltham Park lido left derelict, and the old Coronet cinema facing an uncertain future.  I support moves to develop the Coronet for the benefit of the whole community, rather than allowing a pub or bar, which could increase noise and crime.

"Our Conservative councillors support the proposed new leisure centre to replace Eltham Baths, but have raised issues about the current plan.  Recently we succeeded in forcing Labour to change their plans and promise the new development will include a third 'warm water' pool like the one in Eltham Baths, so that disabled groups, the elderly and children can continue to have access to this facility."

 Nigel Fletcher

Nigel Fletcher is the Conservative Candidate in the Eltham North by-election to be held this Thursday, 10th February