Eltham North by-election: Time to put Patients First

Responding to the news that non-urgent operations at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich have been cancelled for the next seven weeks to meet ministers’ Accident & Emergency targets,  Conservative Candidate for Eltham North Nigel Fletcher said: 


“Doctors and nurses must be exasperated that once again their operations schedule has gone into meltdown because of Labour 's interference. The result is patients in our area being left in pain  whilst doctors and nurses are powerless to help.   This is symptomatic of the failure of the Labour Government and the ineffectiveness of the Labour Council to stand up for local people.  

“Conservatives believe in giving  doctors the power to decide who gets seen first on the basis of clinical need rather than the whim of Government ministers and Whitehall bureaucrats.   Eltham North needs a strong voice to stand up for people locally, not a Labour apologist who talks about rising standards whilst patients are left to wait.”