Tim Collins: Labour is all talk on inner city schools

Shadow Education Secretary Tim Collins has pointed the finger of blame at Tony Blair's Labour government after new figures revealed an excessive level of teacher turnover in England's inner city schools.


The latest statistics show that teachers are increasingly switching to new posts, with the result that in some areas schools lose more than one quarter of their full-time staff every year. The situation is particularly acute in inner London where many teachers are said to be leaving the profession altogether.

Commenting, Mr Collins said: "Despite all the Government initiatives designed to help teachers in inner city schools, the complaints remain the same. Too much paperwork, too little discipline and all talk from ministers."

The Shadow Education Secretary declared: "It's time to trust head teachers to take the key decisions in our schools. Every parent wants the fate of their child to be in the hands of someone who knows their child's name and who knows an individual school and its challenges. Every teacher wants a head who knows what to do with the troublemakers and all the useless bumf from town hall and Whitehall bureaucrats."

He added: "The next Conservative government will trust head teachers to take those decisions."


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