Winter update from John Bowis OBE - MEP for London

Christmas looked like being delayed for the new European Commission. We welcomed the Centre-Right Mr Barroso to the Presidency but then the poor man had to allocate posts to the men and women nominated by their Governments to serve as Commissioners.


We had a Hungarian who had been a pillar of the old Communist regime; we had an Italian who spoke his mind about gay people and lone parents; we had a Latvian whose party was involved in a court case and we had Peter Mandelson of recent repetitive sacking syndrome.


In the end, with two falls and a submission (and a French twist dans le queue) the crisis was resolved and we actually end with a team dominated by the Centre-Right agenda, which seems to make Europe more competitive and less regulatory. That will be our task as MEPs over the next five years.

As we move towards that I send my warmest good wishes for Christmas and the coming year.

John Bowis.


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