Greenwich Borough near bottom in latest school results

The results have been released of the key stage 2  test scores in English, Maths, and Science, taken by all 10-11 year olds (last year of Primary School) for May 2004. Greenwich, as a local education authority was ranked eighth from bottom in the country. 


Within the individual schools however, Sherington in Greenwich was rated the most improved school in the country and Fossdene also featured high in the tables for schools which really help their pupils to improve.

Eltham Councillor and Conservative education spokesman, Spencer Drury says "I am delighted for Sherington and Fossdene for doing so well.  This is a really good result for them and the teachers and pupils should be very proud of their hardwork.

"However, Greenwich has still got a long way to go as a local authority, as it is ranked in the bottom 10 nationally. The variation between top and bottom schools is massive and Greenwich has 2 schools among the worst in England.  Greenwich also did very poorly on absence scores.  

"It is the politicians getting in the way of the hard working students and teachers which is holding this borough back."

Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich & Woolwich, Alistair Craig agrees.  He says "It is depressing that that as an education authority Greenwich is in the bottom 10 nationally.  

"Labour is failing the children of Greenwich.  The Government and the local council have had their chance to improve our schools and it hasn't worked.  Money is being thrown at the problem, but it is being wasted on bureaucracy. 

"The Conservatives believe that teachers, not local or national politicians, should run our schools.  We will cut teachers' paperwork, giving them the time to do what they do best - teach.  We will restore discipline in schools and give parents the opportunity to choose the best school for their child. "