Conservatives delighted over Council's three pools commitment

Conservatives today are delighted after Greenwich council accepted their motion for three pools – one of which would be a warm water pool - in the proposed Eltham Leisure centre. Conservative councillor and Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham, Spencer Drury, who brought the motion to the council of Wednesday said “ I am delighted the council has finally given a commitment to building three pools – one of which is a warm water pool – in the proposed leisure centre.  

“Conservatives have long held many doubts about the site of the leisure centre at Sun yard, but we want to make sure that wherever the leisure centre is built that it was at least equal to, or an improvement on, existing facilities in Eltham.

“The hydro pool in Eltham baths is currently used by the young, the old and the disabled.  It is fully used almost seven days a week, and I felt strongly that Labour’s proposals for only two pools was a step backwards.   I am very pleased that finally after a long time of insisting on two pools the council has finally seen sense and agreed with us.”

The Lions Swimming club for the disabled are also very pleased by the council’s commitment to three pools. 

The group’s Vivienne French Gibbens, who spoke at the meeting, said “We are over the moon that after such a long time with no commitment from the council we are finally getting three pools one of which will be heated to 34 degrees.   This isn’t just a victory for the members of the Lion swimming club for the disabled, this also a victory for all the many current users of the hydro- pool.”