All hands to the pump - reduced water pressure planned for capital

The water coming out of some Londoners’ taps could be reduced to a trickle, if plans by Thames Water to reduce water pressure go ahead.  Concerned London Assembly Conservatives are calling for the water company to urgently rethink its proposals. Under the plans, all three–storey and above buildings could be affected.


The plans, contained in Thames Water’s five-year capital programme, will see water pressure fall from current levels, which project water 30 metres upwards, to less than 20 metres. Thames Water have submitted their Capital Programme for 2005-2010 to water regulator OFWAT, and are currently awaiting approval.


Angie Bray, London Assembly Conservatives Health and Public Services spokesperson, said: “This proposal is extremely alarming. Londoners deserve a reliable water supply and Thames Water is the body responsible for supplying it. They should rethink these proposals immediately.”


Under the proposals, any reduction in water pressure will be solved through new pumps–but Thames Water expects London’s Boroughs to pay for them. This could add £90 mill to Londoners’ council tax bills. Ms. Bray added; “This is utter cheek. Attempting to pass costs on the London taxpayer that should be paid for by Thames Water – who made a £646million profit last year – is shameful.”



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