Oyster not delivering pearls it promised

Thousands of unwitting Londoners face another nine months of overcharges on their Oyster cards. The extra charges occur because a ‘capping’ system has not been implemented on the transport smartcard.  The ‘capping’ system was supposed to be in place by February 2004, but has not been implemented, leaving some Oyster card pre-pay users paying through the nose. Just to make matters worse, many are unaware of this system failure.

The problem arises when Oyster pre-pay customers use public transport several times in a single day. Each time they use the card, it automatically deducts the fare. But when the total cost of the fares matches the cost of a one-day Travelcard, the card should ‘cap’ itself, deducting no more.

Transport for London had promised to solve the loophole by early 2005. But yesterday it was revealed it will now be at least June before anything occurs.

London Assembly Conservatives, Transport spokesman Roger Evans said: “The Oyster Card has been billed as the future of ticketing on London’s transport system. Loopholes such as this one run the risk of the public’ trust in the card being eroded. The current failure is also grossly unfair to Londoners, many of whom are unwittingly paying this overcharge. Transport for London need to get their act together now. One more day is too long. Nine months is ludicrous.”



story from www.glaconservatives.com