Burglars see Greenwich as "risk free"

Conservatives are very concerned over a new report from the Labour Government admitting that burglars now regard robbing people’s homes as a ‘virtually risk free’ activity. 

The report, compiled by the Home Office, investigated the attitudes of convicted house burglars. Only 10 percent thought there was a “high likelihood” of being caught during a burglary.  “Few considered it to be risky at any stage” and almost two –thirds of burglars returned to a property they had previously burgled. 

This comes after figures released by the government in July show that in Greenwich detection rates for Burglary are getting worse, and the 10 out of 11 burglars escape justice.

Deputy Leader of the Conservative group and Eltham Councillor Spencer Drury says:  “Once again we see that Greenwich and particularly Eltham are getting the rough end of the stick.  Eltham has so few real police, and the resources are so stretched that detection rates for crimes like burglary are getting worse and 10 out of 11 burglars are never brought to justice. No wonder burglars now regard breaking into people’s homes as “risk free”.

“Conservatives will bring in tougher sentences and abolish Labour’s early release scheme, cut political correctness and police paperwork and get police out onto the beat.  We would fund more real police for Eltham. We simply need more real police on the streets.”