Coldharbour Post Office given stay of execution

Conservatives are delighted at the announcement that in response to months of Conservative-led protests against the planned closure of the Mound Post office in Coldharbour, the decision to close it has been postponed.

However, the Post Office has announced that Swingate Lane in Plumstead The Village Charlton, Hill Reach Woolwich and Well Hall branches will close at the end of November.  The Post Office in Whetstone Road, Kidbrooke which is temporarily closed will not reopen.

Local conservatives collected over three thousand signatures protesting at the closure of the Mound and Conservative Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Eltham Cllr Spencer Drury visited all three of the branches in his constituency to discuss the future with the sub- post masters. 

Spencer says “I am delighted that our constant pressure combined with public protest has led to the Mound post office remaining open for the time being.  However, I have spoken at length with all three post-masters in the Eltham Constituency and discussed the future with them.  I am particularly worried about the closure of Swingate lane post office as this will have a devastating effect. There are a large number of pensioners in the area and its closure will make it much harder on them.

“Labour’s changes to the way benefits are paid and our Labour MPs support in parliament for the post office closure programme meant it was always going to be difficult for Post Offices to survive.  Labour created a poor situation for post offices, changed the way sub post masters are paid, and have no right to be shocked at these closures.” 

Conservative councillor for Coldharbour and New Eltham John Hills says “When I broke the news to the sub-post master of Coldharbour he was overjoyed at this temporary reprieve.  And I hope that the final decision will be to keep the post office open as this is one of the last remaining community facility in Coldharbour and vital to the people who live there.”