Action plan unveiled to tackle dirty hospitals and superbugs

Alistair Craig, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich, this week backed the action plan unveiled by Conservatives to clean up hospitals in Greenwich and across the country, and clamp down on dirty wards which are breeding grounds for dangerous ‘superbugs’ like MRSA.

Alistair explained, “Since Labour came to power, the rate of superbugs like MRSA in England have doubled. Our hospitals are far worse than those on the Continent. Despite the Government being warned four years ago, action has not been taken to improve cleanliness and infection control. I am very concerned that many people in Greenwich like pensioners, are now worried about entering hospital because of fears about catching superbugs. Vulnerable people may be avoiding getting the health care they need.”

At our local NHS Hospital, the Queen Elizabeth in Woolwich, MRSA infections have increased by 61% over the last two years, whilst neighbouring hospitals in Sidcup and Bromley have seen the number of infections decrease*

Outlining an action plan to tackle these hospital-acquired infections across England and restore public confidence in the NHS, he said, “Labour have not responded to the rising number of MRSA cases with the urgency required. They are all talk. The next Conservative Government will take action to enable doctors and nurses to provide cleaner hospitals.”
The action plan includes measures to:

 • Abolish flawed Whitehall targets which have overridden the recommendations of infection control teams to close beds or wards for cleaning.

• Require the preparation and publication of infection rates in each hospital, on the basis of each clinical department.

• Recruit additional infection control nurses and include training in infection control for health professionals.

Alistair Craig concluded: “Under Labour, billions of pounds have been spent on the NHS but there are too many bureaucrats, too many dirty hospitals and too many people waiting for treatment. Under another Labour Government, patients would go on waiting and hospitals wouldn’t get any cleaner. Conservatives will get our hospitals clean, get money through to frontline services and give patients the opportunity to choose where and when they get their treatment.”


* source Department of Health, Mandatory Bacteraemia Surveillance Scheme, April 2001 - March 2004.