MP's outrageous expense claims

Erith and Thamesmead's Labour MP, John Austin, last year claimed £18,754  as 'necessary expenses' for overnight stays away from his home in the constituency as a result of performing his Parliamentary duty. Yet one of the 'reforms' brought in by his Government was to abolish late night sittings so that members can return home to their constituencies at a reasonable hour.

Chris Bromby, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Erith and Thamesmead said: "John Austin is claiming money for having to turn up to work. This is journey is a commute; a trip to central London of no more than an hour by train, and a commute endured by thousands of his constituents every day of their working lives. Many of these people will probably be earning little more and often less than John Austin's expenses as a main salary and having to maintain a family on the same low income.

"At a time when ordinary people in Greenwich are struggling to find the extra income to pay for more meteoric rises in Council Tax, MPs who represent constituencies in inner London should shy away from claiming this allowance"