Democracy at Abbey Wood School

Eltham North councillor Spencer Drury visited Abbey Wood School, in Abbey Wood today as part of Local Democracy Week.

Spencer, who is a teacher, taught the year 8 students about the role of democracy in our lives and how being a councillor fits into the local democracy. He also talked to the children about the closure of their school by the Labour Council.

Spencer says “It is very rewarding and tremendously important that children understand how democracy works and how to get involved.  I felt it was particularly important to come to Abbey Wood as council decisions have had such and impact on their school and their lives."

He also visited Shooters Hill sixth form campus on Tuesday to speak to 17 year old politics students on a wide range of different conservative policies.  Spencer says “The students were bright and interested and asked some very penetrating questions. As a teacher I particularly enjoy talking with students and discussing issues that matter to them. We talked about the Health system and the students wanted to know how Conservatives would make the Health service work.”