What future for Severndroog Castle?

Sevemdroog Castle in Shooters' Hill Woods, came third in its heat of the BBC’s Restoration programme this summer.  This means it will not directly receive enough funding to allow its immediate repair.  After the competition, the group trying to restore the castle held an open day to allow members of the public to visit the lower two floors of the building.

However, all is not lost as previously most buildings which have taken part in the Restoration programme have received some funding to help restore them.  The Severndroog restoration group hopes to install a café in the building and are presently putting together a Business Plan for the Council. 

Unfortunately the future of the building is still not assured as the Council still remains committed to selling it off and the Labour leader confirmed when questioned by Cllr Drury that Cathedral Group was still the Council’s preferred partner in this respect.  The confirmation that the sell-off was still intended made the Council’s decision to back the Restoration bid look hypocritical.  How can the Mayor ask for support to restore the building when the policy remains to sell it off.  In the meantime, the Council continues to let the Castle decay.