Dinner with Dermot

Wednesday, 12 February, 2014 - 19:30

Cllr Dermot Poston was first elected to Greenwich Council in 1968. This year, he is retiring from the Council and Eltham Conservatives are holding a small party to celebrate his contribution to our area over the years.

This is not a political event and there will be no Conservative fundraising (other than a raffle). Any excess funds (beyond dinner for Dermot and his wife Jenny) raised will be donated to the Severndroog Castle Building Preservation Trust.

Please contact Mrs Barbara Couper (Tel 020 8850 3376) or Cllr Spencer Drury (0750 785 9184) if
you have any questions.

All confirmation must be received by Barbara before Friday 7th February when we must confirm numbers with the Royal Blackheath.


Please fill in and return the form below if you would like to attend Dinner with Dermot.