Lib Dem tax sting exposed

Alistair Craig, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich, this week attacked proposals by the Liberal Democrats for a barrage of new taxes on local residents throughout Greenwich and warned that the level of tax would be a key issue in the forthcoming general election, expected next year.

As the Liberal Democrats left their annual party conference in Bournemouth, it has been revealed that their official party policies feature over 40 new tax levies, including:

• A local income tax which could cost a typical working family in Greenwich  an extra £600 a year in tax.
• A regional income tax to bankroll the Greater London Assembly
• 200 per cent council tax on second homes.
• A ‘dog tax’ by introducing expensive new dog licences.
• A double whammy inheritance tax, through extension of capital gains tax on death.
• A plastic bags tax which could cost a typical family almost £80 a year alone.
• Workplace parking taxes - £150 a year to park at work.
• Abolition of tax relief on pensions for higher-rate earners.
• VAT on new homes – adding more than £11,000 to the cost of buying a new home in the Borough

Alistair explained: “The soaring level of tax will be in the key issue in the forthcoming general election. I strongly believe that Greenwich deserves a better deal from Whitehall and that people are fed up with the backdoor taxes introduced by this Labour Government. But Liberal Democrats’ plans to sting local residents to drive, to walk their dog, to shop, to work - and even to die - are not the answer.”