Conservatives want police station reopened

Parliamentary Spokesman for Eltham and Eltham North Cllr Spencer Drury has recently got confirmed that Shooters' Hill police station is to be sold off next year.  The building (pictured), which has been used by serious crime officers for some time, is being sold off as part of a Metropolitan Police sell-off programme aimed at getting rid of 200 buildings worth about £900m.


It is expected that police stations will be replaced with street kiosks, offices in council buildings or booths in supermarkets.  Spencer says: "The Met has been forced into this sell off because of Government policy.  I believe that returning Shooters' Hill to a fully operational police station will be more beneficial to the community than kiosks and booths.  We need a greater police presence not a declining one."


On top of this Eltham North's beat officer has been reassigned and has yet to be replaced.  PC Lashley has joined the Government's new crime detection unit, and whilst still nominally a beat officer, is no longer operating from Elthamm police station.


Another reason for a decreasing police presence in parts of Eltham may be the Labour Government's new initiative, which has allocated a fixed number of police officers to the Middle Park area.  There has been no increase in the number of officers overall so the rest of Eltham has less police covering it.


Cllr Drury says: "The Police should be allowed to set their own priorites and Government should not interfere.  Quite simply Eltham needs more police so they can do their job."