Post Office closures planned

Local Conservatives have warned that the Borough faces a significant reduction in the number of local Post Office branches, under plans being considered by the Post Office.

After the major furore caused by the conversion of Greenwich Crown Post Office into a franchise operation, the Post Office is contemplating the closure of local PO branches in Hill Reach, Woolwich; The Village, Charlton (pictured); and  Wheststone Road, Blackheath.

Alistair Craig, Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich, expressed concern at this trend:

"Many people rely on their local post office branches to provide them with essential services, such as pensions and child benefit payments.  The Post Office claims that these branches are not viable, and that 95% of people in urban areas such as Greenwich will still live within a mile of their nearest branch.  Elderly people in particular will be disproportionately affected by any closure, and convenient  public transport is not always available to take them to a more distant branch.

"Nick Raynsford and his Labour colleagues voted for the legislation which allowed the Post Office, rather than local authorities like Greenwich Council, to have the final say in which post office branches are to be closed.  It is therefore a bit rich for him to come out against these closures when they are proposed in his own backyard.

"I intend to raise this matter with the Post Office during the consultation period to ensure that the needs of local residents are fully taken into account.  I would encourage all those who could be affected by the closures to do the same thing.  Don't expect your Labour MP to do it for you - he voted for them in the first place"