Labour to close Woolwich Barracks

The Labour Government has announced that it will close Woolwich Barracks as part of its review of Britain's defence capabilities.

Alistair Craig, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich said:

"The decision by the Government to close Woolwich Barracks after 300 years is a massive blow to the people of Woolwich and a shameful indictment of Labour's defence policy.  The Army has always been a major part of the area's identity.  The closure of the Barracks will mean an important part of the community's fabric will be lost forever, as will the jobs and investment the military presence brings.

Nick Raynsford, the Minister for Local and Regional Government and local Labour Member of Parliament, has said he is "saddened" by the closure of the Barracks by his Government.   This is not good enough.  He is failing to protect the people of this area from Labour's defence cuts which will badly hurt the local economy.