Government must take blame for Royal Mail failure

Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman for Greenwich & Woolwich, Alistair Craig, expressed concern today at new figures published by Royal Mail on its performance in delivering letters.

The latest performance results show that in the three months from April to June 2004 only 90.7 per cent of first class letters in the SE postcode area to addresses outside the area are delivered the next day (– failing the Post Office’s target). This means that nearly 1 in letters are not delivered on time. Just 17 of the 118 postcode areas in the country are on target for delivering first class mail to outside their postcode area, explaining why much first class mail sent to Greenwich is late. Nationally, the Royal Mail failed all fifteen of its performance targets.

Alistair Craig said:
“I am disappointed by these figures, which confirm local residents and firms’ suspicions that a lot of first class mail is not arriving the next day. Yet the Post Office is 100 per cent owned by the Government and Whitehall sets the performance targets, hence, the Government cannot escape its ultimate responsibility for the state of the Royal Mail network.

“In addition to many of our local post offices being under threat of closure, it is clear that the current state of the Royal Mail network is yet another public service failure by Labour.”