Better Education - your Right to Choose

Labour is not improving Greenwich schools, which have consistently dropped down the league tables - last year our secondary schools were the worst in London.  Nigel Fletcher, the Conservative candidate for the Shooters' Hill by-election wants to improve education in this Borough, and to give parents the right to choose where best to educate their children.

Poor planning led to the closure of Eaglesfield school, and now there is a need for another secondary school in the area; and the Shooters Hill campus is world class, but is unfinished for lack of funding. Nigel would campaign to get the funds to finish the job.

Staff turnover in Greenwich schools is high, which is disruptive to the children's education. Conservatives would give incentives to long serving staff to retain them.

Conservatives support the right for schools to manage themselves, teachers to run their own classrooms, and headteachers to impose their own discipline.