Mayoral race too close to call

On the eve of election day, the latest opinion poll from the London Evening Standard shows that amongst those likely to vote Steve is just three percent behind Livingstone on first preference votes.  Once the second preferences of voters are taken into consideration, the gap at 51-49 is just too close to call.

In the race for the London Assembly, the same poll puts the Conservatives eight percentage points ahead of Labour.  The Liberal Democrats and other parties do not figure significantly, only the Conservatives can beat Labour in London.

It is worth remembering that the final opinion poll before the 2000 mayoral election understated the Conservative vote by over ten percentage points.

It really can be done. Vote Conservative tomorrow



Mayor - first preferences

Livingstone 35%
Norris 32%
Hughes 18%
Maloney 8%
Others 8%

Mayor - including second preferences

Livingstone 51%
Norris 49%

London Assembly

Conservative 34%
Labour 26%
Lib Dem 18%
UKIP 10%
Green 7%
Other 5%