Tubes: No strike agreement needed

Responding to today’s announcement that the RMT trade union will hold a series of tube strikes, Steve Norris, Conservative Mayoral Candidate, today said that the Mayor needs to negotiate a No Strike Agreement with the tube unions that will ‘put an end to the kind of wildcat strikes that have caused misery for passengers’.

The strike also shows why the head of the RMT, Bob Crow, should be removed from the Board of Transport for London (TfL), as proposed in Steve’s manifesto.

Steve Norris said: “I’ll make the unions an offer they ought not to refuse. Tube strikes cause misery for passengers as well as damaging London’s reputation and I am determined to put an end to them. I will get Bob Crow and other union representatives round the negotiating table to sort this problem once and for all.

"No union should have the right to bring the city to a standstill. I intend to be completely fair and open with the unions. I have no wish to remove employment rights in any way but a long term agreement that is fair to both sides is long overdue."

He continued: “The RMT funded Livingstone’s last Mayoral campaign so it’s hardly surprising that he is unwilling to take them on.”

Steve proposes negotiating a No Strike agreement for tube staff, with independent arbitration for future pay deals overseen by an Advisory Conciliation and Arbitration Service panel. Tube strikes costs shops and businesses £30 million a day in lost revenue as well as causing misery for passengers. Creating a modern transport network is also a critical factor in attracting businesses to the city and will clearly be an important factor for winning the Olympics in 2012.

Upon taking office as Mayor, Steve Norris will set a deadline to negotiate the deal offering better pay and conditions in return for the No Strike accord. The new contract would then be signed by all staff with a No Strike clause with future salary negotiations and alterations to working conditions on the Underground overseen by an independent panel set up with the advice of ACAS.

Steve will also consider offering a new employment contract to all new tube employees from day one of his Mayoralty.


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