It's a two horse race

An opinion poll published in today’s Evening Standard shows that Ken Livingstone's lead has been halved. The YouGov poll shows that Ken Livingstone's support has dramatically fallen since he took the decision to rejoin Labour at the beginning of the year.

In the poll, Livingstone was on 40% to Steve Norris’s 31%, with the Lib Dems struggling in a distant third on 17%.

The results of the poll were even more encouraging for Steve among those who said they were certain to vote. Here, the gap between the two rivals was just 5%, with Steve on 34% to the Mayor’s 39%.

Responding to the poll, Steve said: “Livingstone’s support has fallen dramatically since he took the decision to rejoin Labour. This is clearly a two-horse race and Livingstone’s failure to tackle crime is his Achilles heel. Voters want a safer London and on 10th June that’s what they are going to get.”

As the Evening Standard concluded, the Mayoral election is a two-horse race, where second preference votes will decide the outcome. The Norris for London campaign is now concentrating on how to win the second preference backing of Liberal Democrat voters, particularly in London's suburbs.

Livingstone’s decision to return to New Labour and his track record in failing to reduce crime over the past four years are thought to be the key factors in his falling support. With five weeks to go until the election, the result is fast becoming too close to call

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