Zero tolerance for London's criminals

Steve Norris has stepped up his bid to become London's mayor with a pledge to confront the capital's crime crisis with a New York-style "zero tolerance" law and order crackdown. Launching the first of a series of new campaign posters, the Conservative candidate said he would recruit the team set up by former mayor Rudy Giuliani - which slashed New York's crime rate by two thirds in just eight years.

"If it can be done in New York, it can certainly be done in London. Giuliani Partners has the breadth of knowledge and expertise from nearly a decade of policing New York. I want to negotiate how we can use their skills and experience after 10 June from day one," Mr Norris said.

He was speaking after unveiling an press and poster advertising campaign designed to highlight his top policy priority for London: curbing crime.

Following a recent visit to New York, Mr Norris said London should apply the same lessons he head learnt from the Giuliani experience. "I want Londoners to start questioning what the Mayor has done for them in cutting crime during his four years in office - and they will soon start to realise the answer is nothing," Mr Norris said.

When he wins the election on June 10, Mr Norris also plans to set up a new hotline for reporting anti-social behaviour - similar to another initiative which worked successfully in New York.

"It is not down to the police alone to tackle crime. Having a single helpline number, like 333, to report petty crime including vandalism and graffiti, would get everyone in the community involved in the fight against crime and would take the pressure off the emergency services," he added.

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