Council Housing in crisis

The Government has told Greenwich Council to improve its houses.  At present around 83% of the Council's housing stock is not up to a 'decent' standard, after years of neglect. The council is about £24 million short of the funds to remedy this. 

The Council is therefore considering three options:

  1. Arms Length Management Organisations - the Council would still own the housing, but its management would be independently run;
  2. Private Finance - whereby a private company would be given a 30 year contract to update and maintain the housing stock;
  3. Transferring ownership of the Council's housing to a body such as a Housing Association.

It is possible that different options will be applied to different parts of the Borough.  Conservative Councillors are adamant that the Council must show why any changes they propose are an improvement, and have therefore demanded proper consultation, including a debate in full Council, before any such changes are implemented.