London Assembly - result

The results of Thursday's London Assembly elections were announced today, and the Conservatives are the largest party represented.

Mayoral race too close to call

On the eve of election day, the latest opinion poll from the London

Tubes: No strike agreement needed

Responding to today’s announcement that the RMT trade union will hold a series of tube strikes, Steve Norris, Conservative Mayoral Candidate, today said that the Mayor needs to negotiate a No Strike Agreement with the tube unions that will ‘put an end to the kind of wildcat strikes that have caused misery for passengers’.

Mayoral bus comes to Blackheath

Conservative Mayoral candidate, Steve Norris' bus rolled up in Blackheath this afternoon to meet members of the public visiting the funfair.

Boris Johnson dinner a great success

Last night Boris Johnson MP - shadow minister for the arts and deputy chairman of the Conservative party - address

Graffiti hit squads

Steve Norris today outlined details of his proposals to tackle graffiti and ‘tagging’ as part of his ‘Safer London’ campaign, pledging to fund 25 anti graffiti vans with specially trained “hit squads” to clean off the most offensive and visible graffiti in the capital. The graffiti hit squads would target high profile sites where the owners have consistently refused to clean their buildings.

Norris on business and tourism

Steve Norris promised today to boost London’s attractiveness as a place for business and tourism – and