Avery Hill Housing Panel

Cllr Eileen Glover and Cllr Adam Thomas recently attended the Avery Hill Housing Panel, to discuss with tenants and leaseholders issues affecting the estate.  

On the council's environmental budgets, Cllr Glover argued that Avery Hill residents should get a fair share of these budgets to improve stairwells and communal areas of the blocks on the estate.  She argued that the community pay back teams, where offenders are supervised in undertaking community improvements such as gardening, decorating, litter picking and the upkeep of alleyways and stairwells, should be used on the estate to improve the communal areas. 

Officers have now stated that they will look to use the community payback teams for redecorating communal areas on the estate – councillors will report back to residents to ensure this happens.

Other issues included the parking situation in Avery Hill and the council expects to publish a resident consultation on a controlled parking zone and time limited bays for the shops on Bexley Road.  Cllr Glover stated that she would continue to press for the University to make a contribution to the costs of the scheme.

Cllr Thomas also set out the latest development regarding the council's application for an alcohol and events license for Avery Hill Park.  The application has been withdrawn for further consideration, but a time limited license application has been submitted for the showing of a film and classic car show on 17 July.  Residents on the estate should be receiving consultation letters from the council on this matter and have until 8 July to respond.

Your Conservative councillors continue to fight for a fair deal for residents living on the Avery Hill estate, if you have any issues you want to raise as a result of this meeting, or in general please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.