Eltham South councillors meet residents to discuss Avery Hill Park license application

Cllrs Eileen Clover and Adam Thomas met residents living in Avery Hill to discuss the council's recent applications for a drinks and events license for the whole of Avery Hill Park, and a time limited license for the showing of a film and a classic car rally on Saturday 17 July.
Residents were concerned about the possible effects on the surrounding residential area and Cllr Glover and Thomas were on hand to answer any questions they had.  Cllr Glover also led a tour of the park to look at where the screening of the film would be held and the path across the park that cars would take for the planned classic car rally.
Given the concerns regarding the application for a drinks license for the whole park, running late into the night, and the way the council have consulted residents, your local councillors have successfully managed to get the application withdrawn, so these issues can be considered further.  However the council has gone ahead with the time limited license application for the event on the 17 July.

Since the meeting your Eltham South councillors have put residents questions to the council about the event and the nature of the license itself:

  • The event will run from 6pm until midnight and be centred around a big screen to the west of the new cafe.  It will include a jive dancing display, DJ, Rock 'n' Roll band as well as the screening of the movie Grease from 10pm until midnight, .
  • The council are expecting approximately 30 classic cars, on top of private vehicles for the drive in film, which will access the park, via the park gatehouse entrance on Bexley Road and then leave, in single file, by driving across the park, exiting at the Avery Hill Road entrance via Reinickendorf Avenue.
  • The council have said there will be stewards to direct cars and people, although there has been no confirmation of numbers.  There will also be 8-12 diesel powered lighting towers to make the route to the exit.
  • No area of the park will be cordoned off - we will be asking further questions on this to ensure other area sof the park, are not impacted on, in a detrimental way.
  • The council is still considering whether a police presence will be needed - we have asked the council to strongly consider working with the police to minimise disruption and ensure safety.
  • The council have also said that limits will be placed on the sound levels from the big screen and have stated that these restrictions will ensure that residential properties around the park are not disturbed.  Your councillors have also purused the option of transmitting the sound on a FM frequency to reduce noise levels further.

Residents have until Thursday 8 July to make their representations and the council has stated that it has sent notification to all residents living on Avery Hill Rd, Restons Crescent, Anstridge Rd, Halfway Rd, Riefield Rd and Bexley Rd.

If you have not received any notification or you are concenred about this application, please get in contact with Cllr Eileen Glover or contact Greewnich Council's Licensing Department directly.