Conservatives welcome extra police for Eltham High Street

Conservatives welcomed news that two extra police officers have been assigned to Eltham High Street, which should allow officers from the Eltham North Safer Neighbourhood Team to spend more time dealing with issues in that ward.   A key pledge in the Conservative Manifesto for Council elections was to put in place police teams in Eltham and Greenwich Town Centres and following a request by Chairman of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel, Mr Terry Powley, confirmation was given by the police that they would be allocating extra officers to the High Street.   Eltham North Ward Councillor Spencer Drury and member of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel said “I warmly welcome the news that extra police have been allocated to our High Street. It will free up officers to deal with issues in Eltham North in residential streets away from the High Street and in our Parks. I feel strongly that the clear and detailed nature of our manifesto pledge has highlighted this issue and helped to get more officers in Eltham.”    "Of course it is not a complete victory, as the Eltham North ward team is one officer short at the moment, so this is effectively just one officer increase and it only lasts for two months. Nevertheless, I feel that the extra police are recognition that our arguments have been correct over time and that once the ward team is back to full strength we can see much more clearly the benefits of a greater police presence in our area.”   It is not known if Greenwich Town Centre has benefited from a similar increase in officers.