Councillors support new resident group

Eltham South councillors, Adam Thomas, Eileen Glover and Matt Clare attended one of the first gatherings of residents at Oakways, who have recently formed a new Neighbourhood Watch Group and will now be looking at forming a Residents' Association.

The community barbeque attracted a large number of people and councillors were able to talk to residents about any problems or concerns they had, as well as learning more about the estate.  Issues included overhanging trees, fly-tipping and rubbish collection, as well as parking and anti-social behaviour.  Councillors will now be taking these issues forward and working with residents to resolve them, and looking to help the residents obtain further funding.

Cllr Adam Thomas said, "This was an excellent event and it was great to meet so many people who care about what is happening in their local community, and we must thank the organisers and helpers who have done so much work to make it happen.  We will be working very hard to support the residents and trying to get any problems they face resolved as quickly as possible."

If you and your neighbours are interested in forming a Neighbourhood Watch or Residents' Association, please get in contact with your Eltham South councillors.