Conservatives welcome re-opening of the Eltham Centre swimming pools

Conservatives today welcomed news that the Eltham Centre swimming pools may soon be reopened to the public. Although the Cabinet Member concerned was unable to provide a clear timetable for the whole facility to be reopened when asked by Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury prior to the elections, it now appears that the whole building should be usable again before the end of the year.

  The Library, Greenwich Community College and Citizens’ Advice Bureau have been open for some time (as the older parts of the building were mostly unaffected by the fire) and Eltham North Councillors have had confirmed news that the main reception area and the pools should be reopening on 18th June. The Café in the main reception area should also be reopened at this time.    Unfortunately, the dance studio, Hydrotherapy pool and crèche will probably not reopen until the autumn when the final stages of the work have been completed.    Eltham North Councillor Spencer Drury said “As a Councillor for the ward where the Eltham Centre is based it is really good news that the pools will be open again before the summer holidays. If we get some warm weather they will be invaluable in providing a place for everyone to cool off and enjoy themselves. I know that the Greenwich Borough Mariners swimming club will also be grateful to end their nomadic existence travelling around different swimming pools in South East London.   Obviously, as someone who raised concerns over the Council’s control over contractors before the fire, I also hope that the repair work is completed to the highest possible standards. In particular, I do hope that the sound-proofing around the machinery which caused such disturbance for residents of Blunts Road has been put back in place.”