Polls are Open: Vote for Change Today!

Polls opened today across Greenwich for both the General Election and Greenwich Borough Elections. Today is the day that you can Vote for Change in Greenwich, in total you have four votes.

By voting for all Conservative Candidates you can bring Change to Greenwich. Standing for Parliament are:

You have one vote in the General Election, Vote Conservative for Change at Westminster.
Leader of the Conservatives, David Cameron has laid out "A contract between the Conservative Party and you"

In your local area you have three votes for the Greenwich Borough Council Election you can find your local Conservative Candidates by going to our "Your Area" section.
Vote once for each of the three Conservative Candidates in your ward.

All of our Council Candidates have signed up to Greenwich Conservatives "Contract with Greenwich" our Manifesto for the 2010 Greenwich Borough Elections.

Polling Stations are open 7am until 10pm. If you don't know where your Polling Station is then you use Greenwich Council's find your Polling Station guide.

If you have a postal vote and have forgotten to post it then you can fill it out and take it along to any polling station in Greenwich.

If you would like to help Conservatives win in Greenwich please contact the office:
Email: office@greenwichconservatives.com
Tel: 020 8850 2880
Address: 74 Westmount Rd, London, SE9 1JE



Photograph - Flickr