Greenwich Conservatives would improve local schools

Sadly Greenwich has been in the bottom 10 in the country for most of the last 8 years and the worst in London for most of that time at Secondary level. Conservatives think that after nearly 40 years the Labour run Council has had enough time to try to improve the schools. In Primary education one of the main concerns remains that, despite having some very good schools the overall level remains very poor, suggesting many schools are well below an acceptable level. In addition, truancy remains high.

Conservatives would look to improve schooling across Greenwich:

  • There would be less interference in the running of schools by the Council. Schools would have the freedom to implement strategies that work for their pupils.
  • Conservatives would work to reduce the size of our secondary schools so all were less than 1,500 pupils, as we believe that this helps create an ethos for their students.

Our detailed Contract with Greenwich the Conservative Local Council Manifesto 2010 outlines our full plans for education in Greenwich.