Greenwich Conservatives would put more police on the beat

Greenwich Conservatives have outlined how they would put more Police on the beat in Greenwich.
Conservatives would fund extra Safer Neighbourhood Teams to be based initially in the three main town centres in Eltham, Greenwich and Woolwich. We believe that each of these town centres has its own specific challenges which require attention from a dedicated police team and this would allow residential areas to get the attention they deserve.

Curently in Eltham North and Greenwich West the Safer Neighbourhood Teams are used to deal with the main shopping area and do not have time to address the needs of residents further away from the centre.
In addition to this Conservatives support the Violent and Organised Crime Unit (VOCU) and think, to the best of our knowledge, that it is doing a good job. A Conservative Council will continue to support the VOCU and ensure its continued existence for the next four years. It costs Greenwich Council £1m per year. Labour have consistently lied in their literature that we have voted against the policy of having the Unit, three times. We voted against the general budget, of which VOCU is a part, at council, once, because the budget included an increase in Council Tax, increases in charges for services to older people and the wasteful Labour propaganda sheet, Greenwich Time.

For the full details of Greenwich Conservatives Policy for Policing read our "Contract with Greenwich" 2010 Local Manifesto