Conservatives focus on housing issues in Eltham South

While Labour candidates continue to try and scare council tenants to win votes, Conservatives in Eltham South have been dealing with the problems created by the Labour council's housing policies.

The Eltham South team, Adam Thomas, Matt Clare and Eileen Glover, visited Shepherd's Leas, an example of where tenants have been let down by Labour.  The housing has not been maintained properly and there is a large number of empty properties, which the council should bring back into use.  The council has allowed the waiting lists to increase exponentially forcing families to live in cramped low quality housing, while at the same time attempting to charge inflation busting rents - a policy that was only stopped thanks to a campaign by Conservative councillors.

This week the Conservatives set out how we would help council tenants, provide them with more choice and opportunities to own and use the empty properties across the borough which could be used to house young families.File 547

These measures include:

  • Significant local projects, like new housing estates, will have to be designed through a collaborative process that has involved the neighbourhood.
  • Create new local housing trusts to allow communities to grant planning permission for new housing within their local communities.
  • Introduce a ‘foot on the ladder’ programme to offer an equity stake to social tenants to give them the opportunity to own their own homes.
  • A new ‘right to move’ scheme and introduce a nationwide social home swap programme.

Above all we would respect the tenures and rents of tenants - unlike Labour.

Conservative candidate Adam Thomas said, 'As Conservatives we will give more choice and opportunities to Eltham's tenants - at the moment the council ignore them while expecting them to pay higher and higher rents - this has to stop.'