Labour’s Social Housing crisis

The Labour Government and local Labour Council are failing the most vulnerable members of our community. Their crippling mismanagement of the social housing problem in Woolwich has caused a 75% increase in the waiting list, leaving many families suffering in overcrowded conditions. Like many other problems that face Woolwich today, the Labour Councillors seem to turn a blind eye.

Labour’s response has been to suggest that a Conservative Council would attack Council housing. However, in truth it is the Labour Party which has been pursuing a policy of raising Council rents above the rate of inflation and last year it was only after Conservative Councillors protested that the rent rise was reduced. Spencer said “Labour is resorting to scaring residents to get votes and some residents had sleepless nights over this scaremongering. I can assure them that Greenwich Conservatives have no plans to increase rents to market levels and as someone whose family lived for many years in Council accommodation in Eltham, I can assure them that there would not be an end to secure tenancies in Greenwich.”