Conservatives plan a better education for our children

Conservatives in Greenwich and nationally have clear plans to support our children in doing better at school. In the 2009 league tables, Greenwich Secondary Schools have the worst results in London at 5 A* to C grades for GCSE. Also only 14.5% of Greenwich GCSE students achieve a ‘traditional’ education of C grade or above in English, Maths, Science and a foreign language. At the same time fewer students are getting places at the schools their parents choose, with almost 1 in 10 primary children not going to a school of their choice.

File 244Local Councillor and Parliamentary Candidate for Greenwich and Woolwich Spencer Drury has taught in local schools for 15 years and has first hand experience of the problems teachers and students face in our schools. Spencer said “Labour’s constant interference has caused students to focus on jumping through hoops rather than educating their students. There are targets for everything, with schools responsible for encouraging students to do at least 5 hours of PE a week and preventing pregnancy among teenagers aside from providing a good education. Labour have even set targets to reduce exclusions, which means schools that tried to maintain good order in the classroom were penalised. I think voting Labour in Greenwich is disadvantaging our children.”

Greenwich Conservatives believe that smaller schools which are free from constant Council interference will help teachers focus on the needs of individual students and to provide an education which suits them. Nationally a Conservative government would help parents set up their own schools if they were not happy with the alternatives provided by the local Council.