Conservatives uncover Labour waste

Eltham South candidate Matt Clare recently challenged Greenwich Council on the recruitment of 2 senior Human Resources posts both offering a salary of £78,000 - nearly seven tFile 526imes the minimum wage.

The council were unable to clearly define the roles for either post and how employing these two senior directors would improve services or provide a benefit to Greenwich taxpayersFile 245

When Matt asked what justification there was for these 2 very costly roles - £156,000 in total per year - the initial reply was that their creation was cost neutral following the ‘deletion’ of a more senior post. When the council were pressed on whether cost neutral included recruitment fees and any exit costs the reply seems to have changed to that these roles are within budget, admitting that there would be significant costs to the taxpayer

Here is yet another example of a tired wasteful Labour council showing no regard for council taxpayers' hard earned money.  

Conservatives believe that your council can be run far more efficiently - including a two year freeze on council tax, to help residents in these difficult times.