Conservatives keep fighting for residents over parking

Conservative councillor Eileen Glover spoke up for residents living in Avery Hill at the latest Greenwich Council meeting over the issue of parking.    Since Greenwich University introduced parking charges to students; residents and businesses in the surrounding Avery Hill and Eltham Heights area have found parking at times almost impossible. Your Conservative team Eileen, Matt and Adam have been out talking to residents and helping them to collect signatures for a File 513petition.  At the last council meeting the council responded to these concerns but failed to give a definitive answer that it would stand up for residents. We want to see the council keep to its promise of ensuring that Greenwich University pays for a controlled parking zone as well as resident's and their visitors parking permits. Eileen said, "This situation in Avery Hill should never have been allowed to happen.  The parking probelm isn't anything to do with residents but they are the ones that are suffering as a result of Greenwich University's car parking charges on students."
Residents should not be expected to pay to park outside their homes.  We will be pressing Greenwich Council to hold the University to its original agreement of paying for the controlled parking zones."