Progress on Court Road, but more to be done

Conservative campaigner Matt Clare has welcomed the installation of a speed activated sign on Court Road after presenting a petition of over 140 signatures of local residents to Greenwich Council which raised serious concerns about the safety of Court Road.  In the last 4 years there have been two fatal accidents presenting a danger to both pedestrians and drivers, as well as cars crashing into gardens and walls.
Since presenting the petition the council have now installed a flashing speed sign, informing drivers of their speed as they enter one of the most dangerous bends on the road, going south.
Matt said, "As a Tarnwood Park resident, I'm pleased that the council have reocognised that this is a dangerous road. The new sign should help reduce speeds, making it safer.  However we would still like the council to go further in either installing a second camera, further warning signs or new surfacing to reduce speeds.
The Conservatives will continue to press the council on this issue, because we can't continue to see fatal accidents in Eltham."