Changing Trains

Southeastern publicity for recent timetable changes promoted them as providing a better service but the picture is a mixed one locally. Off peak those using Maze Hill and Westcombe Park no longer have direct services to Charing Cross while at Blackheath although there are more off peak services, the number of trains in the crucial peak time have been cut. Southeastern say they have been obliged to do this by contractual requirements imposed by the Labour Government. A petition to the Prime Minister has produced no improvement to the service.

Blackheath Westcombe Councillor Geoff Brighty got a commitment from Greenwich Council to monitor the effects, particularly on rush hour commuters, ahead of any further review. He said "As far as Southeastern's customers are concerned direct, meaningful consultation was almost entirely non-existent and local MPs have been at best complacent. If we don't like aspects of the new timetable we need to let them know".

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