Conservatives plan to cut crime in Woolwich

Woolwich suffers from high levels of violent crime and an existing Labour Councillor has described their Woolwich ward as the ‘murder capital of Greenwich’. However, not only have the Labour run Council failed to improve our safety but are planning to take even more police off the streets.

Documents seen by local Conservatives suggest that the Labour Council, if re-elected, will dismantle the Violent and Organised Crime Unit based in Woolwich to cut costs. This is a force specifically tasked with protecting the public from street and gang related violence. This decision is evidence of Labour’s unwillingness to accept the reality of the problem in Woolwich. When coupled with their refusal to work with the Mayor’s Office to develop a strategy to fight the violent crime problem, it becomes clear that not only are the Labour Councillors failing in their responsibilities but consider their political interests more important than Woolwich's safety.