Charlton Post Office: Update

Earlier this month, Charlton Conservatives opposed the extension to Charlton Church Lane post office.  The planning committee approved the building of flats on top of the post office and offered the developers, without solicitation, twenty days to complete the building works when they only requested two weeks.

To establish whether "twenty days" includes weekends, council candidate James Garry submitted a request for clarification to a Full Council meeting on Wednesday the 24th of March 2010.  A Labour councillor confirmed that the "twenty days" granted to developers excludes weekends.

James said: "Originally the residents of Charlton and Peninsula wards faced the prospect of two weeks interruption to their post office service.  Thanks to Labour's preference for developers over residents, the local community will now experience a whole month of interrupted services".

If elected to council, James will oppose any major developments in Charlton that are not in the best interests of Charlton and its residents.