Practical Support for our Armed Services

File 480 Greenwich Conservatives have made a positive commitment to provide support to Armed Forces Service leavers in the Borough by counting their time in the Services towards an allocation for housing.   Ryan Acty, Conservative activist in West Greenwich who served in the British Army for nine years and saw action in Kosovo in 2000 and Iraq in 2004 has welcomed this move:   He said: “This is about time. When I was leaving the Army in early 2007 I approached the Council for housing in Woolwich only to be told that I wasn’t eligible under existing rules and would be at the bottom of the waiting list even though I would have effectively be made homeless on my discharge date.”   “During the time of my resettlement I was having to make an adjustment from life in the Army to civilian life, the added burden of housing was an additional worry that this commitment will help to alleviate.    This is least that the Council can do to recognise the commitment and sacrifice that out Armed Services make for this Country.”