Labour council fails its tenants

Charlton Conservatives recently visited St. Pauls Close, Fairfield Grove, where council tenants are awaiting works to standardise them according to the Decent Homes scheme.

Residents expressed dissatisfaction at the length of time the works have taken to start.  James Garry was shown examples of homes which the council has allowed to fall into a shocking state of disrepair.

He met tenants who had resorted to applying masking tape around the window frames and over cracks in a desperate effort to occlude drafts.  He met others still who had to reinforce their windows with tea-towels.

James said: “This has been an especially cold winter and the Labour council has failed to act in time to improve tenants’ living conditions.”

James contacted the Council to express residents’ urgency to have these works completed.  However, the reply only contained confirmation that works are due to start and no appreciation of the tenants’ difficulties this winter.

James commented: “What this Labour council considers an acceptable amount of time to undertake Decent Homes works is completely unrelated to the reasonable expectations of its residents.”

Since their formation, Charlton’s Conservative candidates for Charlton (James, Richard Shackleton and Louis McLean-Wait) have been constantly active around the ward. 

Acknowledging Labour’s lack of interest in interacting with Charlton’s residents, Louis McLean-Wait stated: “Unlike Labour, Conservatives would actively keep in contact with residents from all over Charlton ward to ensure that they are getting the service that they expect and deserve.”